The Holidays are coming

It’s that time of year again, family gatherings, office parties, community/neighborhood pitch ins, and much more. So many things that we do during the holidays centers around food. Don’t get me wrong, I love food of all kinds, so when I make this post, I’m speaking to myself too. Do you ever think about the food you are eating? Do you ever think about whether that food is good or bad for you or how it will impact your body? As you start this holiday season, try to think about food in a different light. You want to be able to enjoy some of your favorite holiday food, but you also don’t want to overindulge. We want to find balance in what we eat. Try eating some healthy foods before heading out to parties so that you are still getting nutrient dense foods in and not overindulging on foods that are not so healthy. Think about whether you are just eating because the food is there an available. Another way to enjoy some of your favorites this holiday season is to revamp a recipe a little to make it a bit healthier. Ultimately this season, be more mindful of your eating habits. We all enjoy the delicious food that surrounds this time of year, but we don’t enjoy gaining weight, feeling bloated, being tired, or feeling guilty for our food choices.

Make a few simple changes this year to keep yourself healthy and well through the holiday season. If you’re local, please go to my website and register for my class this Saturday November 16th from 915-1015a. This class is called Healthy thru the Holidays. The website is

I’ll be sharing healthy tips for keeping yourself healthy through the holidays, superfoods for the season, healthy food tips, and recipes.

Have a wonderful holiday season!