Sugar and your Immune System

Hello again friends.

As we are looking for things to help us stay healthy, I felt it important to talk about SUGAR.  I’m sure many of you know about sugar, both about how good it tastes, but also that it’s not really good for you.  Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy a sweet treat on occasion.  However, during the months of sick season, our family eats even less.  If we have a sugary treat, I try to make a homemade version that uses very little sugar.

First off, the average American consumes 2-3 pounds of sugar a week.  That is a lot of sugar.  The sad thing is, you may not even realize that you are getting that much sugar.  The food companies, put sugar in just about everything anymore.  You will find sugar in ketchup, salad dressings, BBQ sauces, spaghetti sauces, mayonnaise, peanut butter, bread, etc.

We as the American culture have increased sugar intake from about 5 pounds per year per person to 2-3 pounds per week per person in the last 20 years.  We wonder why we see so much obesity and diabetes, especially in children where it was unlikely years ago.

So why should you be aware of how much sugar you are eating or drinking?  Here are some of the effects of sugar consumption.

  1. Sugar depresses the immune system.
  2. Sugar increases risk of cardiovascular disease.
  3. Sugar contributes to weight gain and obesity.
  4. Sugar affects behavior, learning, and attention in negative ways.
  5. Sugar increases risk of diabetes.
  6. Sugar promotes cravings.

When you eat sugar, you want more sugar.  It becomes a vicious cycle.  When you eat a high sugar meal, it raises your blood glucose level, which triggers an outpouring of insulin.  This excess insulin triggers a craving for more sugar.

Remember you need to also look at refined starches.  Refined starches include: white rice, white flour, white pasta, and corn starch.  These refined starches are more likely to turn into body fat than natural starches like, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, quinoa, brown rice, etc.  These natural starches digest slower and raise blood sugar less drastically.  These natural starches have higher fiber content.  Healthier sugars usually come with higher fiber content.  Those sugars come from whole food natural sources.

So as you are eating, think about the choices you are making.  Are you eating something that has sugar?  Are you eating something that is a refined starch?  How is this food affecting your immune system?  Is it boosting it or depressing it?  We want to have our immune systems as healthy as possible, especially right now.

If you have questions on foods to eat or what not to eat, I’d be happy to help you.  During this time of social distancing, I am doing phone calls or zoom calls to meet with clients.  Please let me know if you want to schedule an appointment.  Email me at

Until next time, eat well and stay healthy.