Roasted Nuts and Seeds

Healthy snack

Looking for some healthy snack options during quarantine.

Roasting nuts and seeds is a great way to fuel well and it’s a yummy snack. You can use whatever spices you like and change it up. You can use a variety of nuts as well.

I used this recipe as a guideline, but did my own variety of nuts and seeds.

I used the spice mix but didn’t have only pecans so I used a mix of peanuts, pecans, walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, and spaghetti squash seeds from a spaghetti squash I made last night.

I don’t like to waste food that can be used so especially during this time, I’m trying to think of how I can use food I have or take portions of the food that aren’t as easy to use and get creative. Trying to limit going out to the grocery as much as possible right now.

Get creative in your kitchen and see what you can make with what you have on hand. You can use recipes as guidelines and change them up to fit your needs. This is a fun experiment.

Let the flavors run wild!😊