Juice Plus

Juice Plus, is it for you?

Juice Plus is a whole-food based nutrition. I am a person who is very intentional about the food the goes in my mouth and there are days I still don’t get enough fruits and veggies with my food intake.

The recommended daily intake of fruits per day is 1.5-2 cups. The recommended daily intake of vegetables is 2-3 cups.

Only 1 in 10 adults meet these guidelines of fruit and vegetables daily according to a new study published in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. This particular report highlights these people are at a higher risk for chronic disease like diabetes and heart disease.

When we eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables we reduce the risk of chronic illnesses.

I believe Juice Plus is a great way to help bridge the gap for people by helping them get more fruits and vegetables in their diets daily.

Juice Plus is backed by more than 30 clinical research studies conducted at leading universities and hospitals around the world. It’s proven to have a positive impact on our health in various ways.

*It contributes to cardiovascular wellness

*Supports a healthy inflammatory response

*Supports quality of life

*Supports healthy cholesterol, LDL, and triglyceride metabolism

*Supports healthy lung function

*Supports healthy skin and gums

*Supports immune system

*Helps maintain healthy DNA

*Reduces oxidative stress

*Absorbed by the body

Many positive things are reported by parents and children. 60% were missing fewer days of school, 56% were taking fewer over the counter and /or prescription drugs, 71% were drinking more water, 66% were visiting the doctor less, 71% were consuming less fast food and soft drinks, 61% were eating more fruits and vegetables. (These results are based on 250,000 study respondents)

People I know are also seeing great benefits with colon health.

I’m very picky about supplements that I take and Juice Plus is a WIN with our family.

They offer a great program for kids as well. An adult order allows you to get a child’s order for FREE.

My family has been taking Juice Plus for a year now and it’s been great for us. I also feel good that my kids are getting extra fruits and vegetables in their diets daily.

Could you use extra fruits and vegetables in your diet every day? More fruits and vegetables daily is very beneficial to our health. If you have questions, contact me at pfhliving@gmail.com

In health,