Getting your Kids to Help in the Kitchen

Do you ever wonder if having your kids help in the kitchen would impact the way they eat?  It actually does.  Get your kids, young and old, to help in the kitchen and they may just start making better choices in their eating habits.  Getting them started when they are younger is definitely important, but even if you your kids are older now, you can still get them to help out.

*First off, for younger kids, get them in the grocery store.  I have 4 kids all within a 5 year span and we took many field trips to the grocery store.  It can be hard juggling kids in the grocery, but taking them and getting them to be a part of the process of picking out food and shopping for deals, will pay off in the long run.  I have seen it with my own kids and all of mine are teenagers now.  You can still take your teens to the grocery as well.  It will teach them valuable lessons about how to shop and how to buy quality healthy food while shopping for sales.

*Go through the weekly grocery ads with your kids and have them circle healthy food choices.  Think of different snacks and meals that you can make with those specific items.  Using the grocery ads to help plan your meals can save you money too.

*Get your kids in the kitchen.  Make it a fun learning atmosphere.  Play music, laugh, and make a special meal. The younger kids can help by washing fruits and vegetables, playing with kitchen tools while you cook, and stirring things that you are making.

*Check out your local library to find some fun recipe books for kids to try some healthy new snacks and meals.  You can do this with your teens too.  As an adult, I still enjoy looking at some of the kids recipe books, because they have some really tasty, healthy, simple snacks and meals.

*Include your kids in the meal planning process.  Have them think of things that they would enjoy having for dinner.  They can help you find recipes and see what you already have in order to make that dish.

*Older kids.  Let them prep and cook a meal.  This can be very helpful for you as well as your older kids.  Have them decide on a healthy meal that they would enjoy preparing and eating.  Have them make a list of all the ingredients needed and even use the grocery ads to see what might be on sale for that meal.  I have also just had them use the grocery ad to find fruits and veggies that are on sale and what meal they might be able to make from them.  This is a great learning experience for them that will benefit them for years to come.  This can be helpful for mom’s and dad’s who do the weekly menu each week, because the kids are helping come up with some of the meals.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the hardest part of getting a healthy meal on the table is, trying to figure out what to cook.  Let your kids help you with that task.  It will be helpful for you and also beneficial for them to learn how to do meal preparations.  It also gives them a greater respect for how much work you put into putting healthy meals on the table for your family.

Make feeding your family and fun and enjoyable time.  Get them in the kitchen, in the grocery store, and helping with the meal planning and cooking!

Happy preparation and eating until next time.