Fun and Comfort

Everyone needs to do something fun and enjoy comfort food at times. During this time of quarantine we thought it would be fun to do a “make your own pizza station.” This is actually a comical thing in our house, because we have several food sensitivity issues. Some of us can’t eat gluten, some of us can’t eat dairy, and sometimes some of us need to be careful about tomato intake.

Well with pizza you need all of those ingredients. LOL!

So if you’re like us and you have food sensitivities, but you still want to eat some comfort foods, you come up with ideas on ways to make it happen.

Our pizza station consisted of gluten free or plant based tortillas, regular tortillas, mozzarella cheese, uncured pepperoni, bell pepper, banana peppers, fresh basil, zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, marinara sauce, and garlic butter sauce. Each person used the ingredients that would work for them, and we all got to eat pizza. We all enjoyed building our own creations and of course tasting the mouth watering final product. It made for fun, laughter, and some comfort food that everyone enjoyed.

I hope this gives you a fun idea that will bring, fun, laughter, and good memories during this time.

Until next time, stay healthy.