Do Something Fun During this Time

Hello again friends.

Life has definitely changed quite a bit over the last few weeks.  People are working from home, kids are schooling from home, we have “shelter in place” orders, and are definitely not doing our normal routines.  Given so much has changed and we have more time on our hands, think of positive ways you can spend time with your family, reach out to a friend or family member, and just find the silver lining in this time where we are doing things different.

Focusing on the positive helps us realize how many great things are actually happening in our lives.  Don’t focus on the things that we don’t have or can’t do.  I know that can be hard at times, especially when the news bombards us with so much negative information.

Today I want you to focus on doing something fun and enjoyable.  Maybe make a list of things you can do.  We are in a time of social distancing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have personal interactions with people.  I wanted to give you a few ideas as I have been looking to find fun things to do with my family.  I want to make great memories during this time.

Here is a list of a few things to do:

  1. If you have the space, have a campfire.
  2. Get outside and walk, run, or ride bikes together.
  3. Paint a picture together.
  4. Play games.
  5. Cook something new and fun.
  6. Find a book to read aloud together.
  7. Start seedlings for a garden or window box.
  8. Host a virtual tea time with a friend.
  9. Complete some family fitness challenges.
  10. Turn on some relaxing music and rest.
  11. Read an inspiring book.
  12. Send notes to friends and family.
  13. Exercise daily.  Do it together.
  14. Do an indoor picnic lunch or dinner.  Get outside if it’s nice.  You can even go in your back yard.
  15. Make a family video.  Do some fun themed show.
  16. Do an indoor/outdoor scavenger hunt.
  17. Do a puzzle together.
  18. Pull out some craft supplies and do a craft challenge.
  19. Do a family spa night.
  20. Color together.  Have a challenge and post it to social media for a vote.
  21. Start a gratitude journal.
  22. Start a new stretching routine and work on your flexibility.
  23. Learn about family history.
  24. Make a big blanket fort.
  25. Have a camp out in your living room.
  26. Take turns cooking. (get your kids involved.)
  27. Have real conversation with your family.
  28. Watch some funny comedians and laugh it up.
  29. Make a healthier dessert option that you have never tried.
  30. Rekindle the joy of having family meal time and start a new tradition at meal time.  (tell a story, read some trivia questions, have a jar of questions that family members have to answer, read short stories after meal time, talk about all that is going on)

I hope during this time, you can start some new traditions with your families.  I hope that you choose to enjoy the slow down.  I hope you can look for the silver linings in the midst of the mess.  I hope you will be present in the moment.  I am learning these things too.  It is easy to just let life pass you by.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Start now, make changes, and do things different.

Today is the gift we are given. Take this time to do something fun and memorable.

Until next time, enjoy and stay healthy.