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Salad Bar

Dinner doesn’t need to be a big elaborate spread of things. We had a salad bar night and it was a hit. I’ve always wished that I could have someone keep a salad bar always prepared and ready to eat. Well that will likely always be a wish. I prepared this one myself with the […]

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Cilantro Lime Chicken

This is a crowd pleaser! You can use this Cilantro Lime Chicken recipe for bowls, main dish with sides, use it on salads, and even in a tortilla soup. Make a large batch and use it multiple ways throughout the week for healthy meals. My family made cilantro lime chicken bowls with quinoa, avocado, onion, […]

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Sloppy Joe Bowl

These are super yummy. I would highly recommend making these for dinner one evening. You can make the Sloppy Joe portion ahead of time and reheat on the stove for later in the week when you’re ready to have this meal. Spaghetti squash is yummy and nutritious. If you have an instant pot, you have […]

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Winter Cranberyy Apple Salad

Do you ever get bored with the same old standard salad? If you’re looking for a salad that’s not the norm and that’s tasty, this one is sure to please. I found this recipe on and it’s really tasty. I changed it up just a bit, (that’s what I do with almost all recipes […]

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Carrot Slaw

I found this recipe in a kids cook book and made some changes to it that I liked and fit our family better. I enjoy changing up recipes if they aren’t exactly what I prefer or need changed to meet my families needs. This carrot slaw is really yummy. It can be a simple side […]

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Garlic Butter Cauliflower

Garlic Butter Cauliflower is a favorite side dish in our home.  It’s easy, quick, healthy, and tasty.  I hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.  Cauliflower also has a lot of benefits too.  Here are a few benefits to adding cauliflower to your diet. Cauliflower benefits: It has cancer fighting properties, boosts […]

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Ground Turkey Vegetable Hash

This is a simple meal for the whole family. What you need: 1 pound ground turkey 2-3 small-medium sweet potatoes 3-4 red potatoes 1 bag of frozen green beans 1 medium zucchini (You can really use about any vegetables you like) Salt Pepper Braggs organic sprinkle What to do: Brown the ground turkey and set […]

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