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Hello again. I have been thinking a lot about REST and how that plays a huge roll in our health journey.  We have believed so many lies about REST.  If we rest, we are lazy.  NOT TRUE.  If we rest, we will not accomplish all that needs to get done.  NOT TRUE.  If we rest, […]

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September News

Hello my health friends. Can you believe September is almost here?  This year has had its ups and downs, and sometimes it has felt as if the year is moving at turtles pace.  However, there have also been times where it has been flying by.  All the buzz for months has been talk of the […]

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Juice Plus

Juice Plus, is it for you? Juice Plus is a whole-food based nutrition. I am a person who is very intentional about the food the goes in my mouth and there are days I still don’t get enough fruits and veggies with my food intake. The recommended daily intake of fruits per day is 1.5-2 […]

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!  As the new year is starting, I know we are all thinking of our resolutions and how we can make changes and help ourselves to be better.  So many people make resolutions to eat better and exercise or exercise more, but end up falling off the wagon a month or so into […]

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